Pack. Drive. Arrive!

With a weekend ahead and not a plan to do anything exciting, I worried.  I hate to find myself cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and doing laundry on Saturday, just to realize I spent my entire day with my loyal life companion-chores!

Sometimes my plans fail due to unexpected circumstances, but I feel better knowing I made an effort. This time, I didn’t even realize it was a weekend.

I always wanted to see Antelope Canyon, but every time I tried to put a trip together, something else was in the way.  I called my friend on late Friday evening and asked if she wants to do something crazy.

“Crazy how?” she asked worriedly I might have a murder in mind.

“Nothing that involves a shovel, tarp, duct tape or a rope” I replied, and went over my sudden, and what I thought a brilliant idea of running away from home.

The following morning we were on the road excited about what we are going to see.

As we got closer, the wind and clouds have rolled in and suddenly getting out of a car and taking pictures of every cool thing I saw wasn’t fun anymore.

I am glad I didn’t spend hours doing my hair!

When we arrived in Page, Arizona, we drove around to check out the lake and nearby views before finding a hotel for the night.


The next morning we booked a tour to see Lower Antelope Canyon. The experience was like no other. Stunning views of the sand rock, and it’s magnificent colors and shapes are something that everyone should see for themselves.  All the photos, even the professional ones are great, but hearing the history, and being able to see and touch and experience in person are forever memories.

Do you see the face?




On the way back we stopped at the Horseshoe Bend for a quick view.

And here are some other things that grabbed my attention.


Our trip was fun and without regrets.

I guess when you don’t plan on something, it may actually work out.




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